With an unmatched experience of over 22 years in providing warehouse management services, logistical services, regional distribution hubs and client-centric infrastructural services across the length and breadth of the country, Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd has become a widely recognized name; one that must be reckoned with.

Customise Warehousing

Without the infrastructure needed to support the clients with their dynamic and specific requirements, no idea can make an organization better than others. The corner stone of any logistical services provider is having an excellent and efficient warehousing system in place. When it comes to warehousing, we have 2-million Sq Ft ultra-modern, environment-friendly warehouses that abide by all the existing GWP regulations and norms. Strategically located at prime logistic hubs across the mainland India, we have a whooping amount of rightfully entitled land bank and we constantly develop the same to meet the ever-expanding and varying

Financial Strength

We have strong financial backups enabling us to constantly expand our investments across the logistics industry in India for timely completion of projects.

Our Nationwide Presence

Leading our exceptionally long chain of branches spanning over the 10 states in India, our Head Office is located at Indore. Our country-wide presence enables us to cater to all the different requirements and needs of our clients in the timeliest manner.


Though acceptance of technology has become the need of the hour to stay in the middle of the changing client requirements and service quality, we have long before embraced technology and made it an integral fraction of our forte in delivering accurate, customer-centric and value –added services. We have also been successful in developing an efficient in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software blended effectively with WMS (RF Capable), TMS, FMS & HRMS along state-of-the-art Mobile App featured with i-pod via QR based LR, tracking of material via GPRS, Customer feedback & complaint options to form extremely functional, information-oriented for all our clients to augment the productivity and accuracy levels of all our business operations.

Quality Service

We take advantage of and have in place several WH-Quality-Management measures helping us call together various legal, contractual and regulatory guidelines and requirements at each passing stages of our service delivery with the help of all the important external requirements. We utilize the role of a strong and effective internal audit system regularly to see to it that every strategy, system, method, technological infrastructure and technique in place at Life Care Logistic Pvt. Ltd is able to perform the way it is intended to.

Environmental Literate

We also are sensitive to the need to protect the environment and hence practice several environmental-friendly practices helping to build a better and greener environment for today and for every day after it.